The world has been off balance for weeks. Not only has the economy been badly affected – so has every single person and their freedom as well. In coorporation with Hamburg film director Niels Thomsen and creative producer Anastasia Konovalova we have created a social platform that will bring people closer together and capture moments of beauty:
SHOW BEAUTY TO THE WORLD. With the hashtags #showbeautytotheworld and #sbttw.
The philosophy behind it: Calling upon people to share things that they love about our world on the Internet. This should spark conversations about a world in which we’d all like to live. The results of the experiment will be shown in a film where the contributions are edited together. In a completely positive way. With the appeal: Let’s show beauty to the world! Not just classic visual beauty. It’s about beautiful moments. About feeling sensations, about a readiness to help, about what we have in common – after all, lots of people are dealing with the same things at the moment. This connects us across the globe. And when only some people in this world manage to motivate and support each other – then we’ve all been helped a lot.
Everyone who wants to support this project should use both of the hashtags #showbeautytotheworld and #sbttw and share videos or other messages on the Net.