BUZZ’N’FURY is a unique mixture of specialists who have one thing in common: The urge for brave communication. That’s why we made it our business to always be more than just an ordinary production company. Because … you know … there are already enough of them. When we are hooked on something, you can count us in. We work with fun, professionalism and at full blast because this is the only way to achieve meaningful and great results.

We love what we do and what we have learned so far is, that an open mind, a sharp eye and a big mouth get you to places where boundaries are pushed. P-p-p-pushed real good. 

Alexander Breker

Alex is a filmmaker, photographer, motion designer, art director, producer and super likeable guy in one. His history started with his interest in architecture but he very quickly realised that static beauty is not meant to become his business. So he found himself strolling through the colourful diversity of visual storytelling, fell in love with it and viola! Here he is 20 years later: thoroughly-storytelling-and-playing-around-with-moving-images-Alex.
His working mantra is: Fun is the main thing! Thanks to his attitude and his expertise in various topics he is the perfect man for complex and diverse projects. From ARD to C&A to BRAUN to ZDF: Alex worked for so many brands; we could start a never ending scroll down from here.

Marta Owczarczak

To describe Marta’s skill set, there aren’t enough words in the dictionary. She is an illustrator, stylist, art director and designer in one. The world is Marta’s oyster and playground where she finds inspiration in every single detail. Her style is inspired by japanese influences, she was born in Poland, lived in Lisbon and currently made Hamburg her place to be. We hardly know anybody who is more enthusiastic than Marta. And that is, what makes her so special as a human being AND a creator of stories. You see? She basically does EVERYTHING. And she’s so good at it.

Tristan Ladwein

Tristan is all about music. It already was his passion since the time we all learned that Wu-Tang was forever. Since 2001 he produced various kinds of music styles amongst other things Afrob, Megaloh, Die Fantastischen 4, Patrick Nuo and Xavier Naidoo. He was nominated for the MTV Video Award, had a record contract till 2000 and was a B-Boy for 20 years. Did we forget something? Oh yes: Since 2006 he creates and developed portrait pictures and cover art for musicians such as Luxuslärm, Stefan Gwildis, Scooter or Dante Thomas. Since 2009 Tristan is also into producing music videos for artists like D-Flame, Die Beginner, Afrob, Linkin Park oder Culcha Candela. Yep. We told you. Tristan is ALL about music.