»Welcome to BUZZ’N’FURY, creative production for
film, photography and music. We are a one of a kind mixture of specialists
from different backgrounds, who have one thing in common:
The love for a great piece of work from the very first idea
to its final touch.



An idea that takes a stand against corona with beauty. Support the project und upload your "moment of beauty" video to SHOWBEAUTYTOTHE.WORLD. Closing date is May 31st.

Here you find a fine selection of our most beloved project. You can watch everything from wild car drifts and fire to romantic rosefields accompanied by smooth poems. Enjoy and have fun!


To celebrate the brand new design of the PUMA BVB home shirt we created something adequate: a brand new soundtrack. Together with director Niels Thomsen we developed a little piece of art which not only sounds good, but also looks good thanks to a very rough and crafty post production we made inhouse.


Shopping with mobile app? EKEKA makes it possible. For this How-To Video we played a lot with food. Even tough mama told us not to do it.


Sonepar hat verstanden, dass die Zukunft nicht wartet, sondern eigentlich schon längst begonnen hat. Um diese Botschaft in die Welt hinauszutragen, haben wir einen Film entwickelt, der nicht nur durch seinen futuristischen Look Bock auf die Zukunft macht, sondern einen Einblick verschafft, was bereits alles möglich ist. Weil, ihr wisst ja: Die Zukunft hat bereits begonnen.


If you thought having acne is over when you are out of puberty, you were wrong (We are sorry!). With the campaign “Challenge acne.” EUCERIN wanted to create attention and awareness for this topic. By visualising the pain that acne can cause, we were able to create a short film series that gets under your skin – even if you don’t have acne.


Let’s start with a little poem: Roses are red, violets are blue, if you want to create a good image film don’t only use hard facts, wohoo!
Don’t you worry, for our film for EDEKA about roses we found a more poetic composition of text, music and look.


This project is the mother of all 360 degree coups:
Live action, a green screen shoot, 2D and 3D animations, drones and music production – everything made by us. 􏰀BUZZ’N’FURY over and out!

EUCERIN Scientific

Remember school trips? For years now we photograph products for Eucerin's instagram channel. Staging the products is explicitly too much fun for us. Just like a school trip.

EVD »Von Kollege zu Kollege«

You know, we have been working with EDEKA for a long time and we really enjoy it. But when they asked us to create a funny and entertaining film about their employee insurances we immediately knew: Those guy are as crazy as we are. So, we just did what they wanted. Take a look at the maybe most un-boring insurance film you will ever see.


What do real estate agents always say? “Location, location, location!” That was also our credo for the music video we made for FERRIS MC. In an old iron factory we found everything we were looking and wishing for: A little bit of Steampunk, rough areas and enough space for car drifts.


The most secret shoot we ever had:
In a Lidl branch we filmed a silent conversation, printed on the shirts of customers and Lidl employees. It was all about fruit, vegetables and why you should rather go to EDEKA. The clip went viral in no time and earned clicks all over the internet.


product shoot as usual? No thanks. For the super special edition of NIVEA products we wanted to create an even more special surrounding to shoot them. In the end, the shooting felt more like tropical holidays than work. Not bad.


The two artists Tom Albrecht and Sarah Buehler who are part of the band called SOOLO asked us to help them out with a visual interpretation of their new song. To put the focus on them, while they were performing, we emptied a whole city. And if you ever asked yourselves how Rotterdam looks like without population, just click the link.


What is: No time + a bunch of products + lots of joy? Yep. This project:
“From hand to hand“ shows that different kind of people have individual culinary desires but they will find everything the need, want and love at EDEKA. The videos stimulates your appetite, so be sure to have something to eat next to you while watching.

»Transformances« DOCUMENTARY

Becoming a burlesque dancer requires courage, discipline and a little bit of know-how when it comes to the lacing of corsets. We accompanied 12 women on their way from learning how to dance to their first performance on stage. Watch our trailer right here and get enchanted by the ladies.

PHILIPS »This is my Story«

Karen Skålvoll is a woman you will never forget after watching the film we made for Philips Healthcare. Diagnosed with an untreatable lung disease she shows us, that life is still what you make out of it. She goes her way, kicks asses and enjoys her sportive passion. Her story is the first of our series and we are super excited to meet more astonishing people.

EDEKA »Project Citrus«

EDEKA and WWF agree: The world can only be changed, if you work together and foresighted. Together with experts they work on a more sustainable way to grow their fruits and simultaneously preserving flora and fauna. To get an idea of how this could work and who those people are, we visited them and asked them questions.