»BUZZ’N’FURY [baznfjuri] is a creative studio with its roots in film, music and photography.
We love to create innovative content from one single source. 
We don’t pitch films, but we pitch our craft! We prefer to put as much time as possible into creating amazing things and making our clients thrilled to bits. See for yourself!« 



Normally when Clients ask for a image film they want to tell facts and numbers. We wanted to change that narrativ into a poetic way, and EDEKA gave it a go. Addis Abeba welcomed us with the words: Welcome in the year 2010. We felt like Marty Mc Fly and Doc Emmet Brown for a few minutes. Fully equipped with gear from the future.

»Find here a featured selection of our favorite work. Click on the images to dive into each project for watching the film, looking behind the scenes or just for getting some detailed information about the project. LETS PLAY«


EUCERIN created the project "Challenge Acne" to help people with that condition in a hollistic approach. We liked the concept and were eager to help them. Facemapping was the perfect solution to get the feeling of "acne" visualized, so that people with that health condition can relate to it.

PHILIPS »This is my Story«

An inspiring story about alpha-1-athlete Karen Skålvoll. We tip our hats to this extraordinary woman, who had decided to brave her lung disease and to fight her way back to a life with sports. This is the first episode, shot for PHILIPS Healthcare. More to come.


3D & 2D animations, greenscreen, filming, drone flights and musicproduction. This project had it all and we were able to handle it with a small team and our trusted network partners. We were asked to do the whole media production for that event. The SEAT CLT 2017 took place in Port Aventura wich is a one hour drive from Barcelona.


Our biggest challenge so far, last year. EDEKA asked us to help produce a little guerilla campaign. The idea was to enter secretly a Lidl supermarket and have a little conversation on shirts between several "customers" about the bad variety of fruit and vegetables.


There was an exclusive cooperation between NIVEA and DM and the agency "UDG" asked us to join this project. We had a lot of fun doing it.

»Transformances« DOCUMENTARY

12 courageous women transform into dancers of burlesque and venture the step onto the stage for the first time of their lives. For one year, Alex documented the whole training and preparing of these diverse group of women who transformed into dancers of burlesque.


When the client calls you and says something like: "We want to show 30 products in under 1:30 min. No budget for buyouts but we need people in it ...aaand...we want it to look fresh and entertaining." You better come up with a creative solution.


This Musikvideo had a completely different approach at the beginning. We found a location where they produce iron, so there where tons of white chalk outside the Company, wich is needed for the production of high quality iron. Mmh, wouldn't it be great when we get it look like Mad Max? White Sand blowing with big windmaschines against the Band. Desert feeling. Drifting Cars. Flames. We had everything....BUT....


For this music video we had the idea of emptying the city and just  concentrate on the two main characters Tom Albrecht & Sarah Buehler from the band "Soolo". For the location we used Rotterdam.

EDEKA »Project Citrus«

EDEKA and WWF are partners in sustainibility and share a common goal: to preserve the environment and natural life resources for future generations. Within the project »Sustainable water and biodiversity management of oranges« they are pursuing innovative approaches for sustainable production of food. We had interesting conversations with real experts, who gave us insights about the background of this sustainibility project.

Do you have a project in mind? Something you think we might be able to help with? Or you just want to say hello, ask a question or talk about a project?

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